Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Update - Girls' Weekend

Every year, during MLK weekend, Husband goes to Vegas with the boys. So, for the last few years, I've gotten together with my friends for fun and the Golden Globe awards. On Saturday, we all congregated at a friend's house and had a nice lunch. Little Miss made herself at home - as she always does.

Then, because we hadn't time before Christmas, we exchanged presents. Little Miss (and I) were spoiled with kindness. Then, Little Miss helped my friend's husband work on a little project. She loved helping. I don't know how much help she actually was, but she talked about it all weekend long.
On Sunday, Little Miss got picked up by the in-laws for a sleepover. So, I went out to see a movie and then had a friend over for dinner (see here to see what I made for dinner). Then, we watched 95% of the awards. I'm a dunce and missed about 30 minutes of them. Afterwards, she went home and I watched a bit of post-show before bed. I had to work on MLK Day so no staying up late for me.
On Monday, Husband and Little Miss came home and all was right in the world again.