Friday, April 29, 2016

Two is the New One

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Captain is 2. I blinked and it happened. He's still my little guy though. He's getting more clear with his speech. He still loves cars, trucks, buses, balls. He loves to sing and dance. He's scared of heights and the toilet (or being on the toilet). He likes almost every food. He used to not care for carrots, but he eats them now. He loves pizza, but he also loves fruit and veggies. He loves guacamole. He's no longer afraid of grass. He loves wearing shorts. He loves being a big boy and independent, but when he's tired, he gives good snuggles. He loves morning cuddles with Daddy, but when he falls or doesn't feel well, he loves Mommy cuddles.

I don't have any of his statistics. I need to make his 2 year appointment except I've been bad about doing some follow up appointments which he needs before his pediatrician visit. So, very soon, he'll be back with the ear doctor for a hearing test and the eye doctor to check his eyes. Probably next year, he'll need to visit the cardiologist again, but he's fine. That will probably close the loop on checking all the internal organs unless something presents itself at potty training which I don't expect. He still needs to get his cosmetic surgery, but I keep putting it off. It'll be best to do it before he goes to school though so maybe next year.

He's on the tiny side, but he's not too small. He fits into some 24 months things and 2T if I roll up the pant legs, but he's outgrown much of the 18 month clothes. His waist is on the smaller side, but I feel like it's much bigger than Little Miss's who still has a ridiculously small waist. We have to get his hair cut soon, but I need a cocktail before I can tackle that. He's a good boy about getting dressed up and tolerates the bow ties and vests, but he won't wear a fedora for me. He hates wearing hats in general, but I'll see what I can do before the summer weather hits. Maybe if I can get one that fasten under his chin, he'll put up with it.

He doesn't sit long enough to be interested in tv, but he watches for a little in the morning. He LOVES Little Einsteins. He loves it when they go super fast. He also loves The Bubble Guppies, but he's not as interactive with that. I think he only likes the annoying theme song. He seems indifferent to Mickey, but I saw him singing to a commercial today.

He really loves ducks and puppies.

He doesn't sleep with anything in his crib and has no comfort item. He likes to be covered when he's put into the crib, but he'll throw it over before he falls asleep. He turns down any stuffed animals or books, but he does like when Little Miss reads to him before bedtime which works for both of them. Despite Husband being afraid he'd be too used to sleeping in my bed, he loves the crib and actually doesn't like to sleep with others. Little Miss loved her crib, but she also loved napping with me. He only naps in his crib (but will do well in the pack and play, too). He will fight sleep if we're busy or out and about whereas Little Miss would nap when it was naptime wherever we were.

Now that he isn't afraid of grass, I hope to get him outside, but the weekends have been so gloomy or busy. At the very least, I'm hoping to get his water table cleaned or out on our back patio so we can play with bubbles. We'll see. Eventually, it'll happen.

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