Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 2015 Weekend Update

It turns out July was a busy month!  We spent the Fourth of July with the Inlaws.  It poured so we were inside eating and watching the fireworks on tv, but we did get about 5 minutes in the pool.  The nephews were there as well, and the cousins had a good time together.
The second weekend was Nephew's fifth birthday party.  It was an Ironman theme (though many of the other superheroes made an appearance).  Captain and I went in theme clothing - though Captain didn't care for the mask.  It was a good time.  I can't believe Nephew is 5!  

The next day, Husband played golf with a friend's husband while Captain, my friend and I went to her pool.  It was really nice, and the pool was beautiful.  Little Miss was in Florida with my family.  We had a lovely dinner at my friend's house before heading home.
The third weekend, I met friends for Thai and then we went to see a movie.  After, I got to pick up Little Miss after a week away.  It was nice to have her home, and everyone was thrilled to see her - but no one more so than Captain!
The fourth weekend, we mostly just ran some errands - Target, the library, the grocery store.  It was busy and hot, but Little Miss loves to just drive around and be helpful.
Towards the end of the month, I took some time off.  I took a half day and brought Little Miss to work with me.  She loves coming to work.  She watched a movie and mostly hung out and write me little notes.  My parents met me at my office after lunch.  Then, we all went to The National Building Museum which I've never been to before.  There is a "beach" exhibit currently which is basically a giant ball pit.  It was insane.  It's been many years since I've been in a ball pit, and it was much easier as a kid from what I remember.  Little Miss made a friend, and had a blast though.  We had dinner and then headed home.
The next day, I met friends from out of town and out of country.  We did The Library of Congress, The Folger Shakespeare Library, walked by The Supreme Court, Dupont Circle, went to The National Geographic Museum, and drove by some other sites.  A local friend hosted us for dinner, and it was a really good time.  I got to do things and see some sites I don't normally (or haven't ever) see.

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