Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Updates - Three for the Price of One!

Quickly catching up on weekend updates.  The weekend after the baptism was a low-key, quiet one.  That Friday, we were discharged from the hospital.  We stayed close to home.  Little Miss went camping with my parents at Hershey Park.  She had such a great time, she only called home to talk to us once. 

The first weekend in October, Little Miss and I ran some errands.  We had to buy a birthday gift for a friend of hers and a baby shower gift.  Then, we went to her friend’s birthday at a nearby park.  She had so much fun, she wouldn’t stop playing to eat.  On Sunday, she had a playdate with a friend and didn’t want me along.  So, she was gone all day long.  They all went into the city to the Air & Space Museum, had a picnic, and did all sorts of fun things.  In the meantime, I tidied and did no fun things.

Last weekend was our 15th anniversary.  We went out to dinner and had a very pleasant evening and then came home with Baby and rented a movie.  Little Miss had a sleepover with the In-Laws where she got her birthday presents early (a little shopping spree).  She got a mix of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and Frozen dress up clothes.  On Sunday, it was a lazy quiet day.  I would have preferred a little lazier, but I got talked into bringing Little Miss out with her bike.  So, I wore the Baby while Little Miss rode her bike.  We were out for a couple of hours.  She made friends at one point.  Then, we went home, and she made her birthday party invitations.  She really wanted to make them this year so I just made them on printer paper and she cut around the printed section and glued onto orange and black construction paper and added a sticker or two.  It wasn’t a big deal, but she had fun.  It was cheaper than buying invitations, and I have a billion sheets of construction paper left for future crafts.  This is partially because I misordered, but we’ll use it.

October is probably going to be our busiest month all year.  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I go out of my way not to overplan so things aren’t so busy, but October is crazy.  Plus, it’s a month that culminates in bags and bags of candy.  Nutso.

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