Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Update - Nesting

Do not get the idea that I'm nesting.  If anything, I'm anti-nesting.  That said, we needed to clean and purge.  This past weekend, Little Miss spent the weekend with the In-Laws while we cleaned out our storage unit.  We had a lot more items than we thought.  Some were for the new baby and some were kept in case we had a girl.  Because we are not, we now have quite a bit of things to sell or donate.  When we got home, I started to clean Little Miss's room.  My goal was to take out all of the toys from her room and put them all in the living room and also purge quite a bit.  We've also used her closet as storage of sorts so I wanted to make the closet for the kids.  I made progress although I had a giant headache so I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped.

On Sunday, the In-laws came to watch Little Miss skate and do the hand-off back to us.  Then, we came back home, and I finished up Little Miss's bedroom and went through all her toys.  I didn't finish putting the toys away, but her room is complete - for now.  Because she was tired from her sleepover, she was a little sensitive, and she was was upset that there were so many changes.  We talked them through, and it's all good.  She even handled the purging of her toys well.  Mostly her biggest issue was placement so we worked with her where could.  Because everything is tidied, she also has a lot of toys she hasn't seen in awhile which is like getting all new toys so she didn't miss the things we are getting rid of as much.

This week, I need to finish up in the living room - all the odds and ends.  Most importantly, I need to clean our room specifically our closet.  It shouldn't be that bad, but it's the room I've been putting off.  Then, it's just a matter of going to my parents' house, getting the last of the baby items from them and getting everything ready for the tag sale because I don't anticipate having time until after it's over.  It'll come together.  My plan shifted, but the big steps have been met.  I'm thankful for a snow day today though because I stayed up late to finish Little Miss's room.  It looks so good.  It hasn't been this clean since before she was born.  I have all the baby items put away (though not cleaned yet) and a fairly good stash of diapers and wipes started.  Of course, this is before we added actual baby items which will change everything, but there is more room than there used to be for them!