Monday, March 31, 2014

Ice Skating

Little Miss had her ice skating assessment in Snowplow Sam II (she passed Snowplow Sam I with flying colors about a month ago).  She passed all of Snowplow Sam II and is even proficient in one of the items in Snowplow Sam III.  She now has the option of going forward with Snowplow Sam III or Beginning Hockey.  She notified us that she wanted to learn hockey and be the "girl Ryan McDonough" (a player on the New York Rangers). 

She is also signed up for baseball which hasn't had one practice or game yet because of the weather, but hopefully this week, we'll kick off the season!  She's gotten quite good at playing catch so we'll see if she takes to it.  After she suffered through soccer, it's nice to see enthusiasm for an activity outside of school.  There is a slim to no chance that this will lead to a professional career, but we do believe team sports are important (especially because Little Miss hates to lose).  It's always fascinating to see what sparks kids' interest and makes them light up.  It's sometimes a big gamble but we just ask that she tries and finishes out a season or lesson before moving on to something new.