Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Update - Making Progress

Last Saturday, we all got up and packed up 2 carloads of stuff to bring to my parents' house. We're hoping to sell all of our girl items from Little Miss or at least donate or at the very least clear our apartment. While there, Sister's friend took some for her little daughter. On the way home, we stopped at Carter's where I bought the first items for the baby, a little something for Little Miss and presents. It was a long day. Plus, when I got home, I realized I forgot a whole bunch of things from my parents' house. It's ok because I'll be out in a couple of weeks anyway.

On Sunday, we mostly hung around the apartment until ice skating. Little Miss has been learning a lot and doing well. She didn't stay too long at Public Skate, but she came home to practice some baseball with Husband while I napped. She's been anxious to play baseball but, because of the weather, the fields have been closed every practice date so far. It's not looking good for this week either.

We've done a great job keeping the apartment clean, but I haven't gone through the DVDs, CDs or our room yet. It shouldn't take me long. I just keep procrastinating. I just cleaned out the DVDs so that shouldn't take long at all, just a matter of straightening. The CDs haven't been touched in quite some time, but I can't seem to get rid of them. I'll purge at least a handful at least. Our room is more daunting. It was just completely purged so it shouldn't be bad, but it's a matter of moving things and organizing. Our previous form of organizing was throwing everything in the closet until we can shut the door.  Either way, once that's done, we'll be able to maintain and just do actual cleaning.