Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Update - Busy Busy Bees

The last Saturday in September, Little Miss and I did a lot especially when you consider we had no nap at all.  We got up and got ready.  Little Miss rode her bike to Clarendon, down the road a bit.  She rode some rides and tried some Spanish chicken.  I had paella.  We ate a lot of junk food and then she did the jumpy castle.  Little Miss got lots of giveaways and ran into 4 friends from school.  Then, we walked home.  At home, we got ready quickly to go right back out - after a very quick nap.

Husband was out at a friend's house and came home to pick us up.  My parents were in Florida during their 40th wedding anniversary so we promised them a night out.  We took them to Bonefish which wasn't fine dining, but it was good and allowed us to bring the kids.  My parents were watching Nephew so he got to occupy Little Miss.  After, Little Miss had an impromptu sleepover with Nephew at my parents' house.  

On Sunday, I slept late and then drove out to pick up Little Miss.  It was a really fun weekend for all.  So fun, there are no pictures except for one on my phone of Little Miss housing mini donuts covered in powdered sugar.