Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend Update - Father's Day

Last weekend, I came right home after work ended at 3PM and took Little Miss to the park for her last playdate with her friend.  Her friend and her family are moving to Poland so we tried to get as many playdates in as possible.  Because neither girl wanted to be sad about the parting, they decided to bicker the entire time, but they did part as friends.  On the way home, I picked up a small pizza for Little Miss for dinner.  She ate half of the 10" pizza and declared it "the best pizza in the world".

On Saturday, Little Miss had her last swim class.  There was a substitute, but she did quite a bit.  At the end, she got a certificate.  After, we came home and napped.  It was glorious.  Then, we cleaned.  And cleaned.  It was much-needed.

On Sunday, I got up with Little Miss because it was Father's Day.  We had a big breakfast and beat the storm and took a walk.  During our walk, we snacked along the way.  Little Miss had a cake pop and I snagged some frozen yogurt.  Then, we went to the store to cook Husband's dinner for Father's Day.  Husband got some crab dip and a pasta dish.  It was a nice relaxing day despite a couple of meltdowns on everybody's part. 

We had some tentative plans, but this was the last weekend we had before a bunch of very busy weekends so we stayed in which was perfect and relaxing.

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