Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anything Goes

Yesterday was my birthday.  As I wrote, I had a lovely Friday night with friends for my birthday so most of the celebrating was over.  However, yesterday was quite nice for a Tuesday birthday.  I brought in munchkins to the office.  I like to do that because they're small and no one can say no to a donut hole.  My friend sent me flowers to the office which was a nice treat and brightens my sparse office.  My co-worker treated me to frozen yogurt which was a nice afternoon snack.  Then, after work, I met Sister-in-Law for a happy hour and dinner before seeing Anything Goes at The Kennedy Center.  The show was very energetic and really cute and high-energy.  When I got home, I got to open a card from Little Miss that said, "Happy birthday, Mommy!  I love you and I like you."  For some reason, that really made me giggle.  It's a keeper. 


naomi said...

What a great way to celebrate your day. I'm sorry I missed it. Little Miss is the best. I would keep her, too. :)