Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Update - And so begins the summer...

Husband and I mapped out our summer, and it is ridiculously busy.  Seriously, I'm exhausted and it hasn't started yet.  So, hopefully, this blog will be hopping!

This weekend, Little Miss came home on Friday with a low fever and a hacking cough.  I let her fall asleep in bed with me and Husband let her stay the night in our bed.  So, around 3AM, she woke us both up from the radioactive heat radiating from her body.  We took her temp which clocked in around 102.3 and stuffed some Tylenol down her.  At 5AM, she decided to sleep with her feet on my pillow, and at that point, she got booted back to her own bed.

Because she was sick, we kept her home from swimming and cancelled our day at the pool.  She ran some errands with Husband and then took a 4-hour nap.  Since then, she's been 99% (can't get rid of the cough).  Meanwhile, I promised my mom a day of fun for Mother's Day so we did lunch at Seasons 52 and then went to a movie.  After, I introduced her to Pinkberry. When I got home, I took a little nap and then we all did dinner and bedtime. Little Miss usually reads herself to bed and last night, she read Sleeping Beauty. So, at 9PM, she called me in crying. She has reached the point where she is comprehending stories and Maleficent scared her. A lot. So, we let her out on the couch and then back in bed with me, but she went to her room when Husband came to bed because we had a lot planned for Sunday. 

On Sunday, no surprise, Little Miss slept late. We did brunch around noon. Then, we pretty much went straight to lunch. Husband went out with a friend around noon while Little Miss and I hit the bank and then met some of her friends (and their parents) at The Cheesecake Factory. After, we met a bigger group of friends at the park for a big playdate. Little Miss played hard. She came home tired and sweaty, but it was a great day for her. She had such a fantastic class this year. I'll miss them.

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