Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Big Haircut of '13

Last Saturday, Little Miss and I went to the mall and got her haircut. We've been meaning to do it for quite awhile, but the chance never came up. So, we mentally prepared her and Saturday was the day. Above is the "before" picture.
She was a little apprehensive at first, but she was good. The man pulled her hair back and then cut it off all at once. Then, because it was 10", we had the opportunity to donate her hair to Locks of Love. I, of course, agreed and filled out the form. We've been praising Little Miss for her good deed.
The pictures make her look nervous, but she was told not to move so she didn't much. Once she was allowed to move, she shook her head a few time and a huge smile erupted all over her face. She can't stop touching and looking. It's a breeze to brush and it's so much lighter for her. She loves that she can wear her hair down. It's adorable.
As a bribe incentive, we told her she could get a new outfit at Build-a-Bear. So, after the haircut, we walked across the aisle at the mall. She picked out a set of pajamas, a robe and slippers. I told her to pick two, but I'll admit that once she picked two that I caved and bought all three anyway. So, after I was self-declared Best Mom Ever, Little Miss said she was hungry. So, I picked her up a little lunch at Corner Bakery. She loved the mac and cheese, and I have to admit it was pretty darned good.
Now that she's had her haircut as a big girl, I'm hopeful the subsequent haircuts will not need bribery incentive.