Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Update - Memorial Day

Last weekend was a nice, relaxing weekend actually.  On Friday, I had a half day at work.  There was some big demonstration that blocked the street so I snuck into The Gap.  A shirt, sweater and t-shirt later, I figured it was safe to continue home.  Then, Nordstrom Rack called to me so a pair of shoes and denim shorts later, I actually went home.  

On Saturday, Little Miss and I went out to my parents' house because my grandparents were only in town this weekend.  (More on that in a separate post.)  We had a great time.  She briefly played with Sister and Nephew before they had to head out and then we had dinner and went home.  

On Sunday, Husband went golfing while Little Miss and I met a friend for brunch.  We hung out and chatted for so long that Little Miss got hungry once again so I bought her a little frozen yogurt.  After, we all took a lovely family nap before cleaning the apartment a little.  Little Miss did a great job cleaning her room before she promptly took everything out to play.

On Monday, we had a quiet morning.  Little Miss had a project for school to do while I ran an errand and then we walked to the park for a school playdate.  We used Husband's new electric grill on the balcony to have a mini cook out and then called it a night. 

Good relaxing weekend.