Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update - Lucky Girl

On Friday, Husband had a friend over to watch some sports. We let Little Miss stay up a little later to entertain him (she's a bit sweet on him). We got some pizza. Then, I went to bed obscenely early. After a Thursday concert, I realized this girl ain't a girl anymore.
On Saturday, we had a day of nothing. So, I spent it sleeping more than anything else. Little Miss and I also went to the grocery store after a lengthy nap. I may choose not to co-sleep, but I do like the co-napping. We have kept up with the new food a week though we were a bit lazy this week. We did chicken parmesan which isn't really new seeing as she's had chicken, sauce and cheese before, but it was a new dish. No shocker that she liked it. I wouldn't say she loved it, but at least it widens the palatte a little at a time.
On Sunday, Little Miss and I woke up early to go to a party. The sad thing is that the party was at 11AM and it took everything we had to get out the door in time. She was supremely tired, but she had fun. She asked to come home early and take a nap so that's how tired she was. So, she did. I woke her up mid-afternoon to walk to the local bakery. During holidays, they give kids a cookie and frosting and sprinkles. So, Little Miss decorated her shamrock cookie. Then, we went back home. I believe she played and watched some tv on my iPad while I napped. Husband made her favorite dinner for our Sunday family dinner and then that summed up our evening. Little Miss did have some trouble sleeping over the weekend, but by Sunday, she seemed back into the swing of things. She gets like this annually where she just cries and cuddles instead of sleeps. It's frustrating but temporary at least. Yesterday, after we got back from cookie decorating, she just sat back and said she went to a party, got a cookie and was having chicken and pasta and lemony sauce. She was a lucky girl. I'm glad she thinks so.

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