Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update - I Feel Like I Lost More Than an Hour

I had a busy weekend.  Starting with last Thursday when I had bowling and bowled the game of my life.  My score wasn't very high though it was pretty solid for me.  I won the first game of two.  The second game had my team falling behind.  However, half the team picked up some points.  So, it came down to me, the last bowler.  The first frame, I hit one pin down.  The second frame, I got a spare.  This lead to the bonus frame in the tenth which resulted in a strike.  With that strike under pressure, I scored one pin more than my opponent which gave us a one-pin win (and a one-point win) against our opponent.  It was a glorious night.

On Friday, a friend from college was in from out of town.  So, two other college friends (and a couple of her friends from grade school and grad school) and I met in Crystal City for dinner at McCormack & Schmick's.  It was a great night catching up - food, friends and wine never fails.  When I got home, I went in to check on Little Miss and this is how I found her:

Saturday, Little Miss and I went out to my parents' house to meet up with Sister and Nephew (and my parents' new kitty).  Little Miss tried on my wedding gown and Sister's veil under duress, but it made for a somewhat cute picture.  She really wanted to be playing with her cousin, but she gave us a couple of photos before I set her free.
Saturday night, I met with book club at a nearby pizza place.  It was another really fun evening.  Brother-in-Law and Nephew hung out with Husband and Little Miss at home so I got to see him briefly.  I got some really good hugs while he's still little enough to give them freely. 

The other nephew was caught rough housing with Little Miss (though, really, it was just bad timing) so his punishment was posing for a picture with smiles.  He takes his punishment well as you can see.
On Sunday, I slept until the afternoon (though my body still thought it was morning with the time change).  I was lazy until mid-afternoon.  Then, Little Miss and I went grocery shopping.  We all had a nice family dinner before an entirely sleepless night for me.  This is a rougher Monday morning than usual.