Monday, March 11, 2013

Parent Fail

Nothing good happens after this question, "Want to hear a word I heard Daddy say?"

Yep, she went there.  Little Miss said she wanted to whisper it to me.  Darned if that little voice didn't whisper the mother of all four-letter words.  

At this point, I may have overreacted.  I mean, all I did was exclaim (loudly), "That's a very bad word.  Don't say that again."  And, of course, that lead to her crawling onto my lap and crying for quite awhile.  Meanwhile, Husband apologized for using the word in the past.  We got through the moment.  However, later, I asked her a question.  I told her, "You must have known the word was bad if you had to whisper it.  Did you?"  She admitted she did though from her reaction, I don't think she knew exactly how bad.  Either way, lesson learned.  We did have a refresher course this morning just in case though.