Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time Warp

Today, I bought myself my hot chocolate at Starbucks. The employee asked my name, and I told her. She looked at me and said (and I paraphrase), "oh, like April from the Turtles." No joke. I responded that I hadn't heard that in awhile... like for decades. April O'Neill is pictured above. She was the bane of my existence during my babysitting years in the 80's. I can totally tell how we would get confused (but hey, I never claimed the kids I babysat for were brain surgeons - they could be now though, scary thought).


ktNcompany said...

wow... i haven't thought of that in years! i have to admit, though, april did NOT look like THAT when we were watching her in the 80s. the current version of TMNT is a little more grown up.

princessapr said...

Good to know. I didn't remember her looking like that, but I was too lazy to look through too many photos.