Monday, March 29, 2010

Loving Shoes

Last weekend, Little Miss wasn't perfect, but she had a great weekend overall. While we were getting ready to leave the apartment, Little Miss helped gather my sneakers. I didn't take the right shoe from her fast enough so she threw it at my head (maybe she was aiming at my head, and her throw didn't have a lot of force behind it, but that's not the point). So, I yell at her and tell her not to throw things, not to throw things at my head, and to be nice and gentle. So, she walks over, picks up my shoe and starts to be nice to the shoe by petting and hugging it. I yell, NOT TO THE SHOE - TO ME! Husband comes into the room and tells her to say she's sorry. She sat on my lap and begrudgingly says she's sorry. Seriously, the girl's love for shoes goes beyond even my love for shoes.


qunjuliete said...

I knew I loved this kid. She shares my love of shoes!! :)

MrsErinS said...

Ok, so all I can picture with her throwing the shoe is GOB trying to throw the letter into the ocean :) is that wrong of me?