Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chocolate Soup Part 2

So, I got home last night and threw away my chocolate soup. However, I noticed at the bottom, it did start to thicken into pudding, a very liquid pudding. So, I put what remained in a tiny glass (thanks to Grandma for the Waterford). It was tasty. Last night, I also cooked up some more pudding. It got noticeably thicker, but it's still not set this morning after being chilled for about 12 hours. I'm going to let it sit a little longer. It is definitely thicker at least so that's a start. This is not encouraging to me because I was going to give brownies another shot this weekend.


MrsErinS said...

mmmm brownies. I have a few good recipes for brownies if you need inspiration. Plus, blondies too! My favorite easy chocolate dessert has to be lava cakes. There are like 4 ingredients and it takes maybe 5 minutes to get it together. Then you get this great presentation, like you did something really impressive! I got the recipe off a box of bakers chocolate and i highly recommend it!

Just saying that now when I hit the vending machine for chocolate this afternoon, its ALL your fault :)

princessapr said...

It's not my fault, it's the baby's fault. :)

I have a yummy blondie recipe from my grandma. I have a new one I want to try, too. I've been making the Martha Stewart brownies, but I have trouble waiting for them to cool so they usually come out messed up.