Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August 2015 Weekend Update

You'd think I would be able to keep up if I do this monthly.  You'd think wrong.

The first weekend in August, we got up way too early to do family portraits.  I took the first picture.  We paid to have the second taken below.  I think I'm underpaid.  We went to brunch afterwards.  Little Miss wasn't feeling well, but she stuck it out.  
The next weekend, we went to Maine.  It was a mixed bag.  Poor Husband had to work and couldn't go.  Captain spent the first hour in the car screaming before he fell asleep.  It was a rough car trip up.  We finally made it no worse for the wear.  It turns out Captain hates the beach - he hated the sand and water.  Both kids had a stomach bug at different times.  Poor Little Miss was sick about half the trip and spent it on the chair with a bowl on her lap.  She started to feel better on the way home.  
We did celebrate my grandfather's 90's birthday while we were in Maine though.  That was a lot of fun.  It was clearly before the stomach bug hit.  
The following weekend was fairly quiet.  We went to the In-laws' pool and hung out with the nephews.  The next day, we got Captain's haircut.  It was traumatic for all involved.  It's growing out nicely though.
The last weekend was a busy one.  We went to a friend's pool which Little Miss says is the best thing ever.  She wants to go back.  After, we head home and had the in-laws for dinner for their anniversary.  It was a nice evening especially because I made the food the night before so it was relatively low key.
The last Sunday, I took the kids into DC.  We went through the Newseum and walked around - mostly grabbed snacks.  I always forget, but Little Miss had a bloody nose in the cafeteria, but she is such a champ with things like that.  She just sat while we waited for our order.  
She enjoyed the Newseum.  We skimmed a bit of it because of content, but I explained a bit to her.  It's interesting what parts really grabbed her.  She was flabbergasted at the idea of East/West Germany and any kind of censorship of news and information.  She found a good amount boring, but it ended on a high note because she got to be a "broadcaster" in front of the green screen at the end.  We spent about 5 hours there so I consider it a successful day.  Plus, you can't beat the rooftop view.  It was nice to have the balconies so the kids could have some outside time.  Captain finally napped halfway through, but he also appreciated the time spent walking outside.
It really was a great summer (and not over - wait until you see September).  I did a lot I've never done before like the Shakespeare Library, Library of Congress, Newseum, National Building Museum.  There are only a few other things on my tourist bucket list.  To be so close, it's a shame not to take advantage of everything - even the few attractions for which you have to pay.  *g*

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