Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 Weekend Update

This month, Little Miss started Learn to Hockey Skate.  She has taken a year off of skating so we were a little worried.  Husband took her to Free Skate during a snow day - and it was a good thing.  She still needs to gain her confidence back, but she's on par with half the class.  The other half is really ridiculously good.  The first weekend of the month, we also had dinner with the In-Laws for their birthday.

 The babies are ridiculously cute - as are all the older cousins.  Baby doesn't sleep when he is outside of his bed or car so he stayed awake the entire evening entertaining everyone.  He gets slightly fussy, but it's not too bad.  He did some pretty good sleeping when we got home.
 The next morning, Little Miss and I went and met Brother-in-Law and Nephew at the trampoline park.  Little Miss jumped like crazy and had a great time with her older cousin.
The second weekend in March, I went to some of the hockey lesson before leaving to meet a friend at the mall where we had lunch before a movie.  It was a really fun afternoon.  After, we walked around the mall where I snagged a pair of cheap pants for Baby at Baby Gap.  He has a handful of clothes but mostly tops and not a lot in this odd 9 month size.  We did practically nothing on that following Sunday, but the weather was horrible so it was a good day to stay inside.

The third weekend in March, we did hockey and then I went to a pot luck with friends (see earlier post in the month).  I went to bed early that night.  On Sunday, the kids and I went to hang with my mother and had a brief cameo by Sister and Future-Brother-in-Law.  We had lunch and hung out and then went to Old Navy for a bathing suit for Little Miss.  We made a brief stop at the mall so Mom could buy me these jeans.  She was obsessed with these size 0 jeggings for less than $3.  She figured I was the only one who could wear them so I must have them.  

The last weekend of March, we went to hockey.  Then, Little Miss and I met up with Sister and Nephew for a movie.  After, Little Miss went to a sleepover with the Inlaws and the other nephew.  Poor girl got sick in the middle of the night, but she recovered by Sunday evening.  Meanwhile, Husband and I used up some anniversary gift cards and got some take out.  I hit up Trader Joe's for some treats (not really treats, but I don't make the visit often so I like to stock up on things I can't find anywhere else when I go).  Also, I was introduced to cookie butter.  O.M.G.  On Sunday, Husband went to hang out with a friend while I held down the fort at home.  I mostly kept the baby fed while Little Miss slept off her bug and I binge watched Season 2 of Hannibal.  Baby also was a firework of bodily functions so that was exciting.