Friday, April 3, 2015

Food, Glorious Food

Baby loves to eat.  He was slow to take to it, but he loves it.  He hates feeding himself.  He just looks at me and then looks at the food like, "OK, go to it!"  I've been trying to get him to feed himself more.  He will eat his snacks - Puffs, Cheerios, the occasional piece of meat.  I get that fruit is slippery and some of the softer foods are harder to grasp, but he doesn't even try.
Last weekend, I put him down for awhile to give it a go.  He ate some, but he stuffed his face and then choked.  I let him figure out what to do, and he did get better.  I slipped him some food once in awhile, too, to make sure he was eating instead of just smooshing it all into the tray.
He mostly swept it all to the floor.  He seemed upset by this.  At least, it was accidental.  Little Miss used to drop her food to the floor.  I'm sure he'll learn that trick eventually.  In the meantime, it's time to break out the tarp again.  Good thing I kept it from Little Miss though I keep joking that I'm going to put it beneath Husband's chair.
Eventually, I gave in, fed him some food, and then just took him out to have his bottle.  This is the very excited face he got when he saw I was cleaning up and the exercise in torture was over.  I have a suspicion, he knew he'd hold out longer than I.
At the end of the evening, he had a challenging diaper, but then there was a bonus one that didn't leak but it just was a scene out of a movie.  He kept rolling and kicking, and he just had the mess everywhere - on his feet, on his hands.  I was positive that he was going to eat it.  I cleaned him off, but I just felt like he was never going to be clean again so I just ran a bath and plunked him in it.  It was quite the end of the day!  Good thing he's so darned cute.