Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Update - Our Big Girl

Last weekend was a busy one. We did as little as possible on Friday night. I made homemade pizza and went to bed early. Luckily, Husband cleaned up because I was really only interested in wine, pizza and bed - in that order. In case you were wondering Rex Goliath makes a super tasty Pinot Grigio. 

Anywhoo, on Saturday, Little Miss and I had a quiet morning and then the three of us went to Ikea.  It was a little overwhelming and Husband lost his patience, but we were successful in buying a big girl bed, mattress, and bedding.  Also, we bought Little Miss a treat for being a Big Girl.  She picked the bed.  It helped her embrace all the changes if she had some ownership in the decisions.  So, even though a little of me cried inside when she chose a bed that did not match the rest of her furniture, she was very happy.  I would have even been happy with the version of the bed that came in natural but she chose the blue.  The In-Laws came over for dinner for a belated Christmas exchange and dinner - also a guise under which to get Father-in-Law over to put together the new bed.  I wouldn't trust anything we put together for Little Miss.
On Saturday, Sister and Nephew came to pick us up. We did a quick lunch at McDonald's and went to Baltimore to Port Discovery. The kids had a blast. It was 3+ hours of running, climbing, drawing, and playing.
They loved the water room. They could discover what sank and what floated. They could play with boats, legos and other items in water. They could make a giant bubble around themselves and spray water to musical instruments to make noise. Unfortunately, my kid is the one who walked in front of the water. The museum supplied raincoats and crocs though (which my kid also didn't want to wear) and had a heat lamp and dryers before you left. Let's just say my kid was damp even after we got home, but she had a blast (and wore layers so she was only wet on the outside - it never went through the sweater).
The kids were exchausted when we left.  Little Miss fell asleep first after putting up a good fight.  I gave her permission to rest and, within seconds, she was out.  Nephew fought a little harder, but before long, both kids were out until we got home.  Our little troopers.
Because she was a Big Girl, Little Miss got to pick out a treat at Ikea. She wanted a tent. So, we bought her the little tent, and I put it together last night. She says she really likes it though she's yet to really be inside of it. It's really a coincidence that she has a hat on outside of the igloo. It's not that cold in our apartment.  Sunday night, Husband and I had a nice dinner and watched a movie. It was a nice cap to a busy weekend.

So, busy weekend, but we got through it. Little Miss has been great about the new bed. She also had to say goodbye to her pacifier. We had prepared her, but it was still a little rough. However, both nights she's been in her new bed, she hasn't gotten out once. She stalls, but she did that with her crib, but she'll stay in bed. She does like to climb out in the morning and did so on Sunday. Husband awoke to a little face next to his saying, "I awake, Daddy!"


Sanna said...

You are a good mommy! I would have so talked her out of that blue bed to make it match the furniture. I am a freak like that. I like the tent. There's the same at our daycare and the kids like it a lot.