Sunday, September 4, 2016


Little Miss has started taking swimming lessons earlier this year.  A co-worker and friend taught swimming in a previous professional life, and she gets along really well with Little Miss.  There has been such progress in the last few months, it's been unbelievable.  Little Miss puts her face in the water and floats and does rudimentary swimming.

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Captain, in his way of copying his sister, also has been trying to swim.  He loves the water.  I missed it, but allegedly, an older girl (of around 4 years of age) was inflating his ego before swimming away.  Big Captain decided to dive off the pool stairs and follow her, forgetting he did not know how to swim.  Husband had to pluck him out of the water and got side eye for the rest of the night for holding Captain back.  We'll look into getting him some lessons before next summer or at least visit our inside pool more in the off-season.
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