Monday, March 30, 2015

In a Perfect World

Tonight, Husband came home and said Little Miss was angry with him.  There was some activity after school that we weren't planning on attending.  She wanted to participate.  He explained that we need advance notice and planning.  So, they get in the car, pick up Baby and head home.  She gives him the silent treatment the entire time.

Later, Husband joked that she didn't like him, but she protested.  I told her that she will be upset with Husband again in the future.  She will be upset with me in in the future.  She will be upset with both of us in the future.  She will be upset with Baby in the future.  At that, her head snapped up.  She said she would never be mad at her brother.  

I felt it was very important to put these words in writing because the day will come when her brother makes her angry.  Guaranteed.

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