Monday, September 16, 2013

Vacation Update - Wildwood

On Thursday, we hit Open House at the elementary school.  Little Miss got to meet her teacher and some other children.  She loved it and was so excited to start school.  She was almost disappointed that wasn't the first day of school and that we had to go on vacation.  She got over that quickly though.

The first day, we got a short time at the beach, but it was super windy.  It was still nice to be on the beach though!   It was windy the next day, too, but the sun was out so it wasn't too bad. 
 Friday night, we hit the Boardwalk because Little Miss loves the rides.  She rode on many before the fireworks - which were cancelled because of the wind.  It was still a lot of fun though.  Saturday was a quiet day just at the beach and then at the pool.  Sunday, we packed up and drove home - but not before we hit the Boardwalk one last time!  Little Miss got to ride the rides she missed the first time - including the Ferris Wheel, her favorite.  She also got to play a carnival game.  We ate lunch and bid farewell to the beach until next year.

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