Monday, September 16, 2013


We have a kindergartener. Seriously.  It is mind-blowing.  We were lucky, too, because she got a bonus year of preschool.  With a birthday in late Fall, she missed the cut off so she's one of the older Kindergarteners.  She had a new backpack from my parents, a new outfit from Target that she picked out all by herself and new sneakers that she picked out with Husband.  If you enlarge the picture, she said she wanted to be Spiderman when she grows up.  

The first week of school was a raving success.  She has a couple of fellow Kindergarteners at her bus stop and has many friends in her class and at extended day.  Everyday, she comes home full of stories about her new friends and all that she is learning.  It is so great that she loves school so much.

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