Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And Sometimes, It's All Worth It

I would never categorize myself as messy, but I don't like to clean or tidy so I go as long as possible without doing it.  With limited space in our apartment, our living area becomes messy within a day if there is no cleaning or tidying.  So, when we went 2 weeks including a deluge of presents from Little Miss's birthday, it got pretty bad.  So bad that Husband cleaned floors and did his part last weekend (we divide the chores).  As it happens, if I do a big cleaning, Husband will follow so conversely, when he breaks down to clean, I follow with my jobs.  So, last night, I finally put away Little Miss's changing pad from the top of her dresser and put all her knick-knacks up there.  That freed space in her bookshelf to put actual books.  Then, I picked up the toys and changed the sheets and put away the clean clothes.  Little Miss came home and ran into her room and gasped.  "Mommy, you made this place look wonderful!"

So, there may be days where being a grown-up is a thankless job, but sometimes, it's all worth it.

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