Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Update - Family, Friends, & Chick-Fil-A

Last weekend, we babysat our little nephew. Little Miss was a teeny bit jealous to share her parents and her toys. At one point, she had a little tantrum at which point her little cousin just looked at her and laughed. It was kind of funny. Husband took Little Miss grocery shopping while I stayed home with Nephew. Then, when he came back, we switched and he watched Nephew while I took Little Miss out for lunch.
Little Miss and I met my friends at Chick-Fil-A after which we stopped in at Coldstone to pick up some ice cream. Little Miss has been enjoying our monthly trip to the ice cream shop to get her favorite blue ice cream. It's Cotton Candy flavored and looks absolutely disgusting, but she loves it. Husband left when we returned to hang out with the guys, but it was a fairly easy afternoon. Little Miss took a nap while Nephew and I hung out. Then, the In-Laws came to pick up Nephew. There was dinner and bedtime. Pretty low-key evening.
On Sunday, Little Miss had some Daddy time and then we head out to my parents' house. Little Miss had some time with the cat who was so good with her. Sister and Nephew metus there later. The kids had fun playing Tag and running around. Then, my mom, Little Miss and Nephew drove to the mall so I could pick up some lipstick while Clinique was having its Bonus Gift promotion. It was definitely a fun day. Little Miss fell asleep going home, but we managed to squeeze in a bath before bedtime.
Then, on Monday night, we went into peek in on Little Miss before heading to bed and found her in the position above. Lately, she's been sleeping in the oddest positions. This is one of the odder ones but not the oddest. She gets very angry if you try to stretch her out so we usually leave her. It's cute and reminds me of how she slept as a baby in the crib with her diaper-covered bottom right in the air.

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