Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update - Easter

Little Miss woke up early on Easter. So, we had time to do an egg hunt. She found 12 plastic eggs left by the Easter Bunny and filled with chocolate or coins. She'd open an egg filled with coins and then had to put the coins in her bank. Then, she'd come back and find another egg. This went on for quite awhile. Then, she opened her presents from the Easter Bunny. She got a pirate puzzle, Hungry Hungry Hippos, 2 t-shirts (one of which is below with Snow White) and some candy. We got dressed. She wore some nice jewelry like a big girl and added her Mardi Gras beads. We head to church. We got to church about a half hour early to get a seat so, by the time the service started, she had crawled up into my lap and had fallen asleep. She slept until Communion where she went up with Husband. She was very excited to have her grandparents with her on Easter.
When we got home, we changed her out of her dressed and into her new clothes. She accessorized herself. We had a nice brunch and then snacked on appetizers before the main course. In between, Little Miss kept us all amused by playing with her toys and running all around.
Below is a photo of our big girl. She made bunny ears in school. She wore them just for one photo, but I can't get over how big she looks.

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