Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Food - Pork

Little Miss decided on pork loin, but I couldn't find one in the store.  With more planning, I think she would have enjoyed a roast pork loin with maybe a sweet sauce/glaze.  However, we ended up quickly baking up some pork chops.  She said they tasted fine, but she didn't like all the chewing.  They were the most moist pork chops I'd ever baked, too.  So, it's on the maybe list.  We'll try it again.  So far, we're keeping up with it though.  

We are cheating.  Little Miss has had pork, even pork chops, before, but it's not plain chicken or pasta so we're going with it.  She chose uncooked carrots as her side which is fine by me.  I don't care how she eats her veggies as long as she does.