Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Food - Fried Eggs and Bacon

Little Miss received The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for Christmas. We decided to resurrect the New Food of the Week. And this time, we mean it. To help us keep accountable, I thought I'd revamp the blog and record our findings. 

The first dish is an easy one - fried eggs and bacon. I let the eggs fry a bit longer to avoid the gooey yolk. I also scrambled a couple of eggs as a back up in case she did not like them. She did not. She ate the egg whites and the the scrambled egg on reserve. Obviously, the bacon was a hit as that wasn't a true new food. Originally, the thought was to go through the book chronologically, but there's a whole chapter on sauces and such so we decided to randomly pick recipes. We'll see what she chooses for next week! As when we first started this venture, it still helps that she chooses the food and also helps that she makes it with me. She pretty much made the entire egg portion this week.

P.S.  The serving size was 2 pieces of bacon which I thought was ridiculous.  I gave each kid 3 pieces to look like a hero.  I did not dole out the bonus bacon until after the fried egg was tried though.