Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roll Over, Beethoven (and Baby)

The baby has allegedly rolled over before while no one was looking.  Tonight, though, he did it for us!  Because, at this point, rolling over is slow.  I was able to take pictures at each step of the way.  He actually prefers being on his side, but he was pretty proud of himself for rolling onto his stomach.  It won't be long now before our lives change again with his increased mobility.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Update - A Whole Lot of Nothing

Last weekend, there was a lot of nothing.  I don't remember Friday, but I'm sure it involved dinner, food and bed.

On Saturday, Husband woke up with Baby and then went to be in an informal golf tournament.  So, Baby and I hung out.  He wanted nothing to do with a nap which was unfortunate.  So, we watched a bit of Doctor Who together.  After lunch, we went to the mall where I bought him a few outfits and some for next year - big sale and one-day coupon.  We picked up Little Miss after her long vacation with my family, hit the grocery store and headed home.  Husband met us as soon as we got home.  We had dinner, did laundry and I watched a lot of tv - premiere of Doctor Who and The Outlander.  I got full control of the television which was exciting.

On Sunday, we packed up Little Miss to go on vacation for a week with the in-laws.  Then, we did a lot more of nothing.  We took a morning nap which was glorious.  I surfed the internet.  Then, because I forgot something at the store, I had to leave and run errands.  I did defrost dinner so that was done at least, just had to throw it into the crock-pot.  We made the chicken teriyaki that I made while pregnant over some jasmine rice, snow peas and some potstickers from Trader Joe's. It was all super easy considering almost all of it came from the freezer. It may not be the most healthy, but it wasn't bad and really easy.  Sunday night, we watched the MTV video awards.  Our household has been way to into pop music lately.  It's ridiculously scary, but it's been a fun time.  There's been a lot of dancing.

Honestly Isn't Always the Best Policy

Little Miss was on vacation for 10 days with my family in Maine.  About halfway through the week, Husband was talking to her and asked if she missed him.  She said no.  Based on our reactions, she felt bad and took it back.

When she got home, I told her I missed her.  She said she missed me, too.  Then, just to make sure my ego didn't get too big, she said, "But I missed Daddy more."

Okay, then.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 17

Baby is just the sweetest little boy.  He smiles all the time.  He really is only upset when he is hungry.

This week, he started really enjoying it when you take his clothes off or wipe his mouth.  This happens a lot because the boy drools like it's his job.  He may be teething, but I think it has to do with his congestion.  He's still a little congested and has a hacking cough.  It doesn't seem to bother him though!

He has no interest in the pacifier.  He much prefers his fist or fingers.  He's been eating like a champ even through his cold.  The little guy is growing out his nickname of being a little guy.  He turns 4 months later this week.  Time really flies!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Roll Over!

Baby rolled over!  He's rolled over for Little Miss and Mother-in-Law, but Little Miss is the only one has seen it.  He likes to do it when no one is looking.  So, I'm on Baby watch.  Every day, I put him down and just say, "roll over!"  He hasn't obeyed yet.  I know it wasn't until Little Miss was four months old that I got to take a picture and video of it, but when she did it, she ROLLED repeatedly over and over again.  The first time she rolled over was at night.  She freaked herself out because she couldn't get back onto her back.  Then, she didn't do it again for awhile until she could roll both ways and back and forth.  We'll see how Baby does.  I've been putting toys all around him to see if that will motivate him.  Cameras are at the ready!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Sibling Comparisons

This photo is more apples to apples or, rather, giraffe to giraffe.  Little Miss is about 4 months whereas Baby is 3 months, but they are close in age.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 16

Baby is 16 weeks old.  He had a little cold so his surgery was postponed until next month.  The cold doesn't seem to bother him.  He's only eating marginally less than usual.  He's still awake and alert a good portion of the day.

Baby is very vocal.  He loves "talking".  He's still very happy unless he's hungry.  He thinks the funniest thing is spitting up on you.  He's scooting around.  If you out him on the playmat or in the crib, he scoots around on his back like a minute hand around the clock.  

Baby loves to grab his toys and will occasionally pick some of the smaller, lighter ones up.  He doesn't prefer to chew on things but prefers his fingers, fist or thumb.  He loves playing with his feet.  He loves sitting up or watching tv if it's on.  

Baby loves movement of any kind though.  He loves being in a moving car or in the stroller.  I haven't put him in the Baby Bjorn lately, but perhaps this weekend.  I have a coupon to Macy's and have my eye on a few things.  

Weekend Update - Absolutely Nothing

Little Miss left last Thursday to be with my family for a week and a half.  She went with my parents and Sister and Nephew to Maine where they all will meet up with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.  It sounds like she's having a great time.  

In the meantime, on Saturday, Husband played golf.  Baby and I walked to the library.  I have three books that are due in rapid succession.  I read one with a small fine and had to return it.  I'm in the middle of the second and will have to work really hard to finish the third in time for its due date.  After the library, I took myself out to lunch while Baby napped.  I had some tacos and a margarita.  It was delightful.  Then, Baby and I sat in the park while I read for a little while.  Then, he decided he was a bit hungry as well so we walked home.  Then, we took a nap together until Husband came home and cooked dinner.  The evening was quiet.

On Sunday, Baby woke up very early and then it was just feeding and playing with him.  I did take a nap in the afternoon.  Then, Husband cooked a yummy dinner and then we watched a movie.  

Weekend Update - Fun Fun Fun

Two weekends ago, it was a very enjoyable weekend.  It had been stressful and busy at work so it was nice to have fun and unwind during the weekend.

On Saturday, I took the kids to hang out at my parents' house.  Sister, Nephew, Mom, the kids and I had lunch and then went to the pool.  We stayed for dinner.  It was fun, and Little Miss had a lot of fun with Nephew.  They had been asking to play together for awhile.  

On Sunday, the kids stayed home with Husband while I met a friend for lunch and a movie.  It was a really nice weekend, always fun to catch up with friends and family.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 15

Baby has a bit of a cold.  He's congested which is resulting in some stomach pyrotechnics.  He's been so smiley and giggly though.  His appetite isn't as strong, and he's been restless while he sleeps.  

He has started playing with my childhood toy, the Fisher Price apple.  I give it to him while I shower, and I can hear it chime from the other room.  He also loves hanging toys from his mobile to his playmat.  

Hopefully, his cold will break soon.  No fever, but his little cough is so sad.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I Have to Return My Mug

Baby has been doing his part all weekend - so super smiley and happy.  He's been better at hanging out by himself and being independent.  He's been talkative and playing with his mobile and reaching for all his toys.  Then, I go to click him into his little vibrating chair so I can shower, and I snap his little arm chub.  Then, because of the buckle, I had to further snag him in order to release the buckle.  I felt so bad.  He quieted down right away and I put him in the much safer crib.  I gave him the hard plastic apple from my childhood, and he loved it so I like to think he forgave me.  I put the apple nowhere near him and he managed to scoot to it and pull it closer to him.  He did this a couple of times this morning.  Maybe I'll try tummy time with it and see if it inspires him to work out his little baby guns or maybe it'll push him to that last bit of rolling over.  I have high standards for my kids.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 14

Week 14 was fast.  More of the same.  He's getting quite the sense of humor.  He likes to laugh and chatter with his mobile animals.  He likes his seat quite a bit though he doesn't love the vibrating function as much as his sister.  He's getting much better with the tummy time.

He is still a snuggle bug, but he gets swaddled with his arms out now.  He self-soothes by sucking his thumb.  I tried to discourage, but it's not working.  He likes to be snuggled, but he can hang out by himself on his playmat or in his chair if necessary.  

When the tv is on, he is mesmerized which is dangerous, but I admit it is helpful when I need to shower.  Also, this week, he slept through his first televised football game.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Update - Fun in the Sun

Last weekend, we did nothing on Friday despite my best efforts.  I was just beat.  Plus, I knew we had a busy weekend ahead of us.  On Saturday, Little Miss and I woke up early and went to Target for some birthday presents.  Then, we went to her friend's birthday for some fun facepainting and general 6-year-old chaos.  Super hot and super crazy.  Lots of sugar.  Afterwards, I promised her we could go to the toy story to use a gift card.  She carefully made her choices, and we walked out with Operation, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, a Winx club doll and something else that I keep forgetting.  She is very good at making decisions when faced with "you can get all of this or one of this" or "you can get this but then we need to put some items back".  I just have to stop her from buying things she already has.
On Sunday, we went to the water park for another birthday party.  Little Miss had fun with her friends, but she mostly loved the water slide.  I was shocked.  She doesn't swim, but she loves the speed and water.  As soon as we got there, the big bucket dumped all over her and the water feature.  Once she got over the shock, she was all over.  I didn't bring her flotation device hoping the peer pressure would encourage her to swim more.  It mostly worked.  

So, the weekend was a lot of fun but exhausting.  I fell asleep watching our Sunday night show as a matter of fact, but it was worth it because Little Miss had a smile on her face the entire weekend.

Baby stayed home with Husband, and I believe they had a lovely time as well, just not as much fun as a water park.  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wait, what?

Husband asked Little Miss what she missed most about school.  We thought she missed her friends though she just saw a bunch of them during the last week.  Nope.  She told him she mostly missed math class.  Don't get us wrong, we completely encourage her (well, we don't discourage her anyway) to do well and encourage her to work hard and love schoolwork, but WHAT?  It's summer vacation.  I don't recall doing any work growing up during the summer.  I did the summer reading program at the library, but I didn't give one thought to school work and definitely not to math class.  I hope all this work is leading her to something great.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Caught Unprepared

I have some pictures on my camera that I need to load to post last week's Weekend Update.  In the meantime, here's a short story...

Little Miss and I were watching a mind-numbing show on The Disney Channel last night when she sat up and asked, "How did I get in your tummy when I was a baby?"

It suddenly became bedtime.