Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 5 - The Week of the Doctors

Week Five was pretty routine.  He started sleeping through the night (if you count waking up at 5:30 sleeping through the night which I sort of do even if I am cranky at 5:30 in the morning).  He's still a good sleeper.  He sleeps best in the evening and morning, but he generally likes to stay awake in the afternoon.

He's really a good baby.  He really only cries when he's hungry (or being dilated or naked - all fairly good reasons except for the naked bit, but I'm sure that's related to the dilation).  

Week Five brought some good news.  We received information from the geneticist saying that all the tests showed that Baby tested negative for any genetic markers related to the skin tag and inperforate anus.  We had an ultrasound on his kidneys.  He was diagnosed with some hydronephrosis and kidney issues are sometimes associated with the skin tag so it was worth following up.  He did not care for the ultrasound at all, but it was quick.  On Friday, the results showed that the kidneys were all showing within normal range.  (Side note:  I locked my keys in the car at the radiologist office.  My dad came and kept me company while we waited for auto assistance.  Baby was really good and luckily slept through most of the wait.  His food was in the car unfortunately, but I used Dad's car to nurse him - good thing I'm walking food and that my parents live less than a mile from the doctor.)

On Friday, we also visited the cardiologist.  At birth, Baby had what appeared to be a hole in his heart.  This is something that could be found in most babies.  Because of the inperforate anus, he was tested from head to toe.  Most tests came back negative such as the brain scan and numerous blood tests.  The assumption was this little hole would close up on his own.  His EKG came back normal, but the echo still showed a small hole which could be a PDA which would possibly resolve itself or a little extra vein leading nowhere.  I forget what that was called.  Either way, the cardiologist wasn't worried.  He asked us to follow up in a year which also proves that this is not urgent.  There's no murmur and he clearly is a strong and healthy boy.