Monday, July 15, 2013

Not in My House

Last weekend (more whenever I post a Weekend Update), we dropped Little Miss off so she could go to Disney World with my parents, Sister, and Nephew.  On Sunday, the whole group met up with Brother-in-Law and his fiance and father.  So, I know Little Miss was spoiled rotten.  They spent a good part of the day at the Magic Kingdom.  We got to catch up with Little Miss at around 9PM.  She was full of laughter and giggles.  My dad came on to say that she was polite and well-behaved - and exchausted.

She must have been exhausted because she woke up this morning and woke Nephew to tell him she had an accident.  She told him it was a secret because she didn't want to get in trouble.  He assured her that she wouldn't get in trouble so they told my sister.  I'm glad she didn't freak out.  She has so few accidents and hardly any at night that I thought it would freak her out, but I'm glad Nephew was there to help.

Still, if she's going to have an accident, it's best it be on an rubber air mattress.  In Florida.  With my someone else.

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