Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend Update - Food and Friends

Last weekend, it was a nice one - for me anyway.  Last Thursday, Little Miss had a touch of a stomach virus.  She was sick at my in-laws and got sick once at home.  Husband had the air mattress in the living room and spent the night watching over her.  On Friday, she felt right as rain, but we kept her home from school to be safe.  She was fine.

On Saturday, she was exactly what you want a perfect 5-year-old to be.  She was great.  Then, we went to a classmate's birthday party.  She had a great time with her friends.  It was at an indoor playground which was perfect because it was so bitter cold.  They had pizza and ice cream cake.  After, Husband dropped me off at book club at Jaleo nearby.  I got to talk about a book I didn't read (thank you, Wikipedia) and eat a lot and drink sangria.  When I got home much much later that night, Husband informed me that Little Miss had gotten sick everywhere.  So, he was in a bit of a mood.  I slept out in the living room that night with her.  

On Sunday, she woke up perfect again.  She had some Cheerios and stayed cheerful and happy.  Then, she went to lunch with my friends where we celebrated a belated Christmas.  She ate a good lunch and loved her presents.  After a friend and I went to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for a talk which was very interesting and got us inspired to search out the book.  When I returned home, I found out that Little Miss was once again the perfect specimen of a toddler.  Except for the stomach pyrotechnics, she had a wonderful weekend.