Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update - Last Two Weekends

Wow, I'm horribly behind with the blog.  We have either been watching Mad Men or crazy busy.  Husband and I decided to watch all 4 seasons leading up to the season premiere of season 5.  We almost ran out of time, but we chose not to sleep this last week to get it done.

Anyway, two weekends ago, on Saturday, Little Miss and I went to a friend's daughter's first birthday party.  It was fun.  Little Miss loved dancing and playing all the games.  On Sunday, we met my sister and Nephew and went to the playground.  Little Miss was such a good girl all weekend.

Last weekend, I had a grown-up weekend while Husband had some quality time with Little Miss.  They went to the pool each day, and Little Miss has been swimming (with inflatable assistance) and putting her head under water.

On Saturday, I went to The Hunger Games and then to dinner with friends. It was a great time. On Sunday, a bunch of us met for lunch for book club. It was fun, and the book was cute. I'll admit to feeling wretched about halfway through, but I recovered enough to drive home. After a long nap, I felt a little better. Dinner went well, and I was thoroughly back to normal to enjoy the premiere of Mad Men.

We're all a bit sluggish this Monday morning, but the week should be quiet enough to recover.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Update - Quickie 2

Second quickie weekend update. Last Friday, we did our usual Friday routine of grocery shopping and vegging out. On Saturday, Husband met some friends for golf and lunch. Little Miss and I played - we did some Play-Doh and bubbles. When Husband came home, I went out and met a friend for a matinee movie and dinner.

On Sunday, we met Husband's old work team for brunch. Little Miss was fantastic. It was a long brunch in the city. She impressed them all with her singing and antics. Then, when we got home, Little Miss and I took a nap all curled up in her small bed. That's pretty much where the entire day went.

The weather was sunny but brisk, but it led the way to a very pleasant weather week of high 70's and low 80's. Very pleasant indeed and leads into another weekend. Hopefully, my weekend update will be a little more timely, too.

Weekend Update - Quickie

I have a couple of weekend updates to cover. First, two weeks ago. It was a nice weekend actually. After an extremely busy February, March was off to a nice start. We did our groceries on Friday night as usual. Then, Saturday, we met friends at the bowling alley and then went back to their place for dinner. Their youngest daughter is Little Miss's age, and they play very well together.

On Sunday, Husband had a friend over. The day before, Little Miss's class went to The Lorax as a little field trip. We couldn't make it due to prior plans so I told her I would take her on Sunday. So, we hit a matinee. She actually fell asleep and didn't want to get up, but she crawled out of bed just to see the movie. She stayed awake the entire time, and really enjoyed it especially the character of The Lorax. She was a very good girl and was very proud of her good behavior. We then went home, baked cookies and did homework.

It was a really nice weekend.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sexy Friday

I won't be as diligent about Sexy Friday as in the past, but I thought it was time to bring the topic back. So, in honor of his 50th birthday, Jon Bon Jovi is the recipient of Sexy Friday. I chose a photo of his face which is not my favorite body part of his. Yes, he does music, and I'm a fan, but I do so love him in Moonlight and Valentino - the clip will show him in a brief scene. I always thought it was an underrated movie.

Ego Boost

I bought these pants yesterday at Old Navy. I have 2 pairs of these jeans already in black and dark blue. I bought the pink this time and will be getting the blue eventually. Anyway, I showed Little Miss this morning thinking she'd love them because she loves pink. This is how the conversation went:

Little Miss: Wow! They're so...
(This is when I thought she got excited and was thinking of a happy word during this pause.)

Little Miss: - so big! They look like Daddy's pants.
(This is where my ego fell and crashed into a billion pieces.)

This is not a good mix to my already fragile ego. I tried on a bathing suit yesterday. Let's just say according to the mirror, I'm still hibernating.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Little Miss knows she sometimes makes poor choices. She knows she gets punished. I just really feel like her mind is really getting things though. She got in a bit of trouble for deleting all my pictures last weekend though she didn't really get punished. I did let her play with my camera and didn't really supervise her, and I have taught her how to delete pictures before. Regardless, she acknowledged that she didn't like when I was mad at her. Today, she saw the camera and stated that I was really mad when she deleted my pictures and that she'd never do it again. So, it's nice to know lessons are setting in.

Last night, Little Miss got Husband to go into her room after bedtime quite a bit. He finally sat down to relax and she called to him. So, he asked me to go in. I went in and told her that that was it. I was not entering her room again. She looked up at me and said, "if something bad happens to me, you won't come back in?" I sat by her bed and chose my words carefully. I told her that, of course, if she is in danger, I would come to her side. However, I would not be coming in to tuck her into bed again, to turn on her music, to turn on her nightlight, to give her a sip of juice/water/milk, to tuck her stuffed friends in. She looked like she was trying to think of something else to say but waited a beat and then just nodded and turned her back to me.