Thursday, May 26, 2011

What was your first CD?

I read this article which mentions Lady Gaga's first CD purchased with her own money. I was horrible. I totally refused to make the conversion to CDs. I loved my little tape player. However, eventually, I just had to bite the bullet. My first CD was The Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It. Oh, the irony. Hm, I think that's irony. Stupid Alanis Morisette has ruined the concept forever. I am not sure I still have the CD. It's actually doubtful, but if I do, it's purely for sentimental reasons.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update - Wedding Bells

Last weekend, Little Miss and I were in a wedding. So, Thursday, Little Miss and I drove to the airport to pick up a fellow bridesmaid. Then, we dropped Little Miss at school. We ate a quick breakfast and then three bridesmaids and the bride went to get our nails done. We also had a nice lunch and went shoe shopping - quite a lovely day. On Friday, we traveled to Pennsylvania for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a nice evening. Little Miss was very good. She was very confortable with everybody.

On Saturday, Little Miss joined the ladies and got her hair and make up done. Then, she got to ride in her first limo. The women toasted with flutes of champagne and Little Miss had a juice box. Here is a picture from the limo:
We mostly just hung out at the venue for a couple of hours. There were some pictures and a lot of eyes on the weather. The ceremony was to be outdoors, but there was rain in the morning and more predicted throughout the day. As it turned out, the weather held off and never went beyond a misting during the ceremony so we got to have the wedding outdoors as well as a handful of pictures.
 Above is a picture of the women in the bridal party surrounding the beautiful bride.
Above is a picture of the cranky Flower Girl.  She didn't really nap and it was a rough day for her because we arrived to the venue around the time she would have napped so there were a few tears, but I think the peer pressure of getting to stay with all the grown-ups helped.  She didn't break down for long.  I was very proud of her.
Above is the Flower Girl walking down the aisle.  She was very good.  She walked down slowly and all by herself.  I couldn't really see her, but I heard she did excellent.  During the ceremony, she did whisper that she had to go to the bathroom so I told her to go to Husband.  She walked over to him (luckily in the second row) and he tried to discreetly escort her into the building.  Halfway down the aisle, she turned to the bride and groom and shouted "Be right back!"  I've heard from nearly everybody how adorable she was, but it isn't asadorable when it's your kid.  I was just glad she didn't announce that she had to go to the bathroom or exactly what she had to do in the bathroom.
After the wedding, we had pictures taken on the golf course.  Little Miss wanted to come because it was her chance to ride in a golf cart.  So, the groomsman was very patient dealing with me in a long dress and a toddler.  Plus, he kindly made sure the seat was dry for us which I appreciated.  While we took pictures, Little Miss decided it was her chance to run as far as she could while all of the bridal party was occupied.  She took off in the middle of the course so I had to hike up the skirt and try not to destroy the course with my 4" heels.  I'm thoroughly thrilled that Father-in-Law captured this moment on video, too.  I can still hear Little Miss's giggles.  She knows I hate to run. 

It was a fun reception.  Little Miss ate like a champ and then, before the music started, fell fast asleep.  She spent the evening with the In-Laws while Husband and I got to party and sleep late.  Then, we all went to brunch the next morning and wished the bride and groom well.  Good time had by all!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Miss "Reading"

Little Miss has memorized a couple of very short books about Snow White.  Last week, I videotaped her.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Husband's Favorite Story

While the Husband's hockey team was still in the Playoffs for the Stanley Cup, I was talking with him.  So, I was going on and on about something wildly important and Husband's eyes were starting to glaze over while he wondered how long he had to pretend to listen before he could give the 1% of attention given to me back to the game.  So, Little Miss turned to me and said "Mommy, stop talking!"  Husband then laughed as if she took the words right out of his mouth.

Weekend Update - Mother's Day

On Friday, Little Miss had a Mother's Day Tea at preschool. It was adorable and the kids were so cute.
On Friday night, we cleaned like crazy people. On Saturday morning, I drove Little Miss to my parents' house so she could spend the weekend with them while we held our Fourth Annual Kentucky Derby Party. We played drinking games, watched the Derby, ate a lot and watched the Pacquiao/Mosley fight. A good time seemed to be had by all.
On Sunday, we went to pick up Little Miss from my parents' house. As a thank you, my sister and I took my parents out to dinner. Dinner was great and the kids were good - though restless towards the end. It was a good Mother's Day.

Miss Moon

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Little Miss always calls the moon "Miss Moon".  It's always exciting to her to see the moon.  It's especially exciting for her to see Miss Moon during the day.  The other week, it was a big full moon so we rushed her out to the balcony to see.  She gasped and looked up and said "She's so beautiful!" 

Plays Well with Others - NOT

Little Miss rarely talks about school.  We try to prompt her often.  The other week, she was saying how two girls in her class are mean to her.  I thought this was unusual so I asked why she thought they didn't like her.  It's been so long that I'm only sorry I don't remember the exact details, but it finally came out that the little girls said "no" to her because she stole their toys.  Awesome.  So, I have the big, fat, demanding bully in school.

Weekend Update - Bowling

Two weekends ago, it was supposed to be a quiet weekend, but we ended up doing quite a bit. I'll see if I can jog my memory and remember what we did. On Friday, I met a friend after work for a drink and a movie.

On Saturday, Little Miss and I went to my parents' house, I believe. If I recall correctly, the kids played very well together. It was a quick visit. After, we went grocery shopping and head home.

On Sunday, we met Brother-in-Law and Nephew to go bowling! The kids had a blast. Little Miss loved it and wanted to stay.

Movies Watched in April 2011

  1. Kick-Ass
  2. Tangled
  3. Easy A
Not a bad movie month. I watched Kick-Ass just for Hit Girl's purple wig and want one so badly. I thoroughly enjoyed Tangled even if Little Miss wouldn't sit through even the opening with me. I enjoyed Easy A quite a bit and laughed out loud in parts. I had lowered expectations for Water for Elephants so wasn't terribly disappointed in it. The adorable elephant made up for a few of the shortcomings, I suppose.

Books Read in April 2011

  1. The Guy Next Door by Lori Foster, Susan Donovan and Victoria Dahl
  2. Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning
  3. Night Road by Kristin Hannah
  4. Dark Horse by Kate Sherwood
  5. Ryan's Return by Barbara Freethy
Good thing I read a lot last month! I've read almost nothing this month. Fun month - lots of quick reads with only Kristin Hannah to act as the heavy dramatic read.