Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexy Friday

This Sexy Friday was 15 years in the making. I was going to dedicate the month to ER, but I decided to just do a big post with a sampling. There are tons of options with this subject, but I only chose the ones below. You can register your complaints in the comments. If it makes you feel better, my favorite current ER castmate is not included for lack of a suitable photo.

First up is
Goran Visnjic. He's tall, dark and handsome... with an accent. His character had a tragic story. Plus, Goran Visnjic gave me a reason to sit through at least some parts of Rounders. He took on the important role of ER hottie after Dr. Doug Ross moved away.

Second up is
John Stamos of whom I was never a huge fan. However, he's not looking too bad nowadays. I think he looks better and better. I didn't watch the ER years when he was on, but he rocked the scrubs in the scenes I did watch.

Third up is
Mekhi Pfeifer. I didn't watch him on ER either, but the restrospective last night showed his final scene, and it looked like he would have made me cry. I've seen him in a handful of movies, but my favorite of his is 8 Mile. Plus, it takes a special man to pull off the tank top. He is a special man.

The last three are strictly for Husband. I'll let him choose which one he likes the most (and you can interpret "like" anyway you wish). He has a total man crush on
George Clooney, so much so it makes me a little uncomfortable. He's a man's man who just looks better and better with age. He's a great actor and did an amazing job with Good Night, and Good Luck. He has causes for which he fights hard, but continues to keep a sense of humor.

I believe we first saw
Linda Cardellini as Velma in Scooby Doo, but we have watched some of Freaks and Geeks and plan to finish out the series when we get a chance. She's been in a lot more than I thought, and I must have seen her in a bunch of things, but it was Scooby Doo where she made her mark on my brain.

Finally, to found out the reasons why Husband watched the last seasons of ER on and off, I post a photo of
Parminder Nagra. I adored her in Bend it Like Beckham which stars another recipient of Sexy Friday. Husband always loved her character on ER and found her cute. I think he also is taken with her accent. I don't know if he knows that she's our age.
By the way, this will be the last time we have women on Sexy Friday.


Brandi said...

I have a tiny girl crush on
Parminder Nagra.

I always found Dr. Carter (Noah Wylie) hot in that geeky shy guy kind of way.

Me said...

I liked Goran Visnjic but after my George left, I didn't like that he was after Julianna Margulies on the show. And YAY for George! That man was the reason I watched ER...although, that man was the reason I watched Batman Forever, lol. Mekhi Phifer is a very special man.

Shoshana said...

what's wrong with hot girls on Sexy Friday, eh?

princessapr said...

Nothing's wrong with sexy girls. I just prefer the sexy men.