Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Update - First Haircut

Last night, we did nothing. We had dinner and then we watched a little television and hung out. Well, yesterday, we did have a little excitement. Little Miss has had a fever all week between 100-103 degrees. We had a doctor appointment on Friday. Of course, on Friday, she had no fever. Either way, I brought her to the doctor. The consensus going in was that she had an ear infection. However, the doctor dismissed that and any other diagnosis others made. She did say that Little Miss's throat was a little red so she took a throat culture. She woke on Saturday with no fever once again so we're hoping it was just a virus.

With Little Miss feeling well, we kept our Saturday plans. First things first, on
Saturday, Little Miss slept until 10:30! Husband wanted to go in and check, but my rule is to never wake a sleeping baby. Ever. She woke up on her own shortly after our discussion. We went to Cartoon Cuts and met Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Nephew. Little Miss was still a little sleepy. She sat in the chair by herself until she saw the camera. Once she tried to get the camera, she wouldn't sit still so she had her haircut on Husband's lap.

Her haircut went well. It's a bit shorter than I imagined, but it'll grow out. This time, when it grows, it should be close to one length rather than the odd growth that was her hair before. We got a certificate and a little baggy of her hair to commemorate the big day.

After the haircut, we had lunch at the food court. Then, the kids played up in the Food Court's Germ Pit (that play area for kids). She had fun and loved the slide. After that, we rewarded the kids with some ice cream. Little Miss loves coffee ice cream. I shared a Sweet Cream with chocolate chips with Nephew.

We then went grocery shopping. Little Miss took a nap as soon as we got home. She woke up cranky and then went back to sleep with me. We took a long nap which we both needed.

She still doesn't seem herself today. There's no fever, but she's been super cranky which isn't like her at all. She's been picky about her food and not drinking so much. So, we'll keep watching her and see what happens. She just might be embracing her inner Princess... a princess not happy with her staff.

There's a special place in Heaven for those who cut children's hair. It can't be easy holding scissors and cutting hair on a moving object! I can barely bathe her without incident. Below is a video of her haircut:

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Anonymous said...

April, she looks more grown up with her new haircut!

I love it.